About myself


I am a novelist, screenwriter and film director, equally comfortable working in English and Dutch and across a variety of genres.


My road was never one of discovery, as there has never been any doubt in my mind as to what I wanted to do. Growing up immersed in both books and movies, I wrote my first fiction when I was four or five and never stopped.


I am, at heart, a storyteller who is happiest when combining words with visuals in every sense of the word.


The reception of my screenplays inspired me to acquire further technical filmmaking skills, which lead to me starting my own post-production business. In 2017, I decided to fully concentrate on my own projects.


I recently completed my second novel.


My first feature film, Periferie ("Periphery") is currently in post-production.


    using words, pictures, motion & color

     universal storyteller

full-spectrum creative


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